International Logistics Terms

FCL: Full container
LCL: Partial container
HBL: House Bill of Lading
MBL: Master Bill of Lading
Air Consignment Note: Airwaybill
Airport Of Arival: Arrival airport
Airport Of Departure: Departure airport
Airway Bill: Airwaybill
Booking: Reservation
Break Bulk: Sea freight without container
Brokerage: Commission of Broker
Bulk: Cargo without packing, example; coal
C/D: Cash against documents
C.I.F: Value of commodity, insurance and freight charges
Carriage: Shipment, tranport
Carrier: Shipper
Certificate Of Origin: Official documents of origin
Charge: Price of service
Chargeable Weight: Price based on weight
Commodity Rates: Price table of transport service
Consignee: Receiver of Commodity
Consignment: Sent goods, shipment goods
Consolidator: Merger company of commodities based on IATA rules
Current Rates: Current prices
Customs Broker: Clearing Agent
Costoms Clearance: Clearing goods from customs
Custums Declaration: Manifest, ship’s bill
Demurrage: Over waiting, detention’s fee
DEP: Departure Time
DES: Hand over on board
DEQ: Hand over on pier, port
Dispatch Money: The money paid to carrier for early loading and delivery planned time
E.T.A: Estimated Time of Arrival
E.T.C.: Estimated time of finishing the job
Ex Ship: Delivery from the ship
EXW: Hand over from the workplace
F.A.S: Free on aircraft
F.O.B: Free on board
Force Majeure: Unexpected reason, act of providance
F.O.T: Free on Truck
I.C.C: Discharging expenses
L/C: Letter of credit
L.S&D charges : Landing, storage and delivery charges
Main port: Base port
Shipment: Dispaching
Surcharge: Extra charges for over traffic on port
Thru B/L: One Bill of Lading
Trace: Investigation for not reached shipment
W/M : Weight or measurement